Outlaws : the DUEL

Play it like Blondie and Sentenza, the Good and the Bad; Or like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday at the gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone !

Outlaws screenshot 1 - single player mode Outlaws is all about cowboy gunfights, six shooters, wild wild west, western, far west, fast draw, precision, speed and being the last man standing !

Use single player mode to train your shooting skills, and then go for some old west style fast draw against your friends in 2 PLAYERS DUEL mode !

Want even more fun ? Use YOUR OWN PICTURES ! Take photos directly from within the game and use them as replacement for the game's default "wanted outlaws" !

Outlaws the DUEL : features:
  • Single player mode : train to become a real six shooter ace and out gun Brutal Pedro, Badass Al and many other outlaws
  • Duel mode : battle against your friends in classic western shootout style in TWO PLAYER DUEL mode
  • Auto-saving of top scores : see who's the best
  • Advanced options : use your OWN PHOTOS in game (pets, friends, ex-girlfriend, your boss, ... , any picture or photo !!)
  • Sound effects : feel like in the middle of a real cowboy gunfight - Old Tucson style

Outlaws screenshot 2 - multi-player mode Train in single player mode, and then challenge your friends to a multiplayer gunfight - load your six shooter and see who willl be the last man standing !

TIP: don't forget you can use your OWN PHOTOS (friends, boss, pets, neighbour, anything that's fun) to replace the built-in targets / wanted outlaws !

2xFUN: you don't need to buy Outlaws twice to play multiplayer duel : you only need to install Outlaws on ONE device !

Try 'Outlaws' NOW !
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